Monday, May 17, 2010

here is a picture of me that was taken on 5-16-2010. As you can see the seals are behind me

here is a picture of my son and daughter that was taken a couple of months ago about. My son is in his Battle Dress Uniform for Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

here is another picture that I took of my daughter on 5-16-2010. She is wearing a pair of pink sunglasses to see how they will look on her

here is a picture of my husband that was taken while looking at the seals on 5-16-2010

Here is a squirrel that came up close. He or she was wanting some food. The squirrel thought that I had some food for it

Here is a picture of the Pacific Ocean on 5-16-2010. This was taken while the sun had decided not to come out.

Here is a picture of a baby seal. The baby is just laying there and relaxing. This was taken on 5-17-2010